Providing a touch of home to our U.S. Marines with our care packages; our Families and Veterans to feel part of a Community that Understands; and our Wounded to know they are not forgotten...

Care Packages

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Mission Enduring Gratitude

The Marine Corps Family Support Community in Columbus 

We have sent over 10,000 military care packages to our deployed troops from all branches of the Military.  We gather together once a month (the second Friday of every month at 6:30pm) and pack 2 packages for every person on our list.  We mail one package the next day.  Then two weeks later we mail the other package.  Two weeks later we get back together and pack again--we support our troops throughout their deployment.  

MCFSC welcomes any military family from any branch of our Armed Forces.  We pride ourselves in our education and support activities designed for military family support in Columbus.  

Mission Enduring Gratitude was formed as a relationship with the Warrior Foundation of San Diego, CA.  Every year our fundraising efforts go towards providing support to those brave men and women from all branches of service that have been injured in battle.  These warriors are not ill enough to remain in the hospital, but are not well enough to return to their unit.  We provide support in the form of items for the holidays, and monetary support to ensure our warriors are able to have that little bit of extra to show them that there are organizations that care and do not forget the sacrifices they have made--sacrifices that have changed their lives forever.

MCFSC has a very dedicated group of quilters, that make patriotic quilts to send to our wounded through our Mission Enduring Gratitude Program.  We are always looking for new folks to join us--whether you are a quilting pro, want to learn, or just want to help!

Marine Corps Family Support


MCFSC Welcomes families and veterans from all branches of the service...browse our pages and contact us for more information!

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